Do You Know About Medicare’s Online Service?

Medicare on-line servicesMany people don’t know, but Medicare does have a free, secure online service for you to access personalized information about your Medicare benefits and services.

Once you register with, this will give you access to your personal information. Once you registered, it lets you:

  • Check your Medicare information, such as your Medicare claims as soon as they are processed and important Medicare-related information specific to you.
  • Find your eligibility, entitlement, and preventive service information.
  • Check your health and prescription drug enrollment information.
  • View your Part B deductible information.
  • Manage your prescription drug list and other personal health information.
  • Create an “On the Go Report” that allows you to print your health information to share with your healthcare providers.

You must register first. There are a few questions they ask as you are setting up your account to verify who you are. The site is very secure and I have used it a lot. Medicare sends via USPS or via eMail your temporary password. Your password can be changed once you log in.

The only drawback that I have found with the site is that you must change your password every 60 days.  I do find this annoying, but you get quick access to your information.  So, I highly suggest you keep a log of some type with your username/password and the date you changed it.

Here’s a video from Medicare showing you how to register and setup your account.

[To view the online tour and demos you need to have Adobe Flash player and JavaScript enabled on your web browser. If you are not sure, scroll down the page and they give you very detailed instructions on how to install and for what browser you are using, i.e., Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Microsoft Edge.]


Let’s make sure we save Medicare. Everyone on Medicare and future Medicare beneficiaries need to contact their elected officials and let them know DO NOT TOUCH MY MEDICARE.
Our voices must be heard loud and clear so our representatives will do what is best for their constituents! After all, we do pay for their life-long health care benefits.
Not sure how to contact your elected officials, visit this site:


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