New to Medicare? What Should You Do?

What Should I DoThose born in the year 1951 are celebrating their birthday sometime in 2016, turning 65 and will be new to Medicare.

What should you take? Stay with Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage.  That’s the question most everyone asks.

Healthcare is personal and when signing up for a Medicare program you have to take a look at:

  • Your health condition
  • Your life style (do you travel)
  • Your financial situation

There are two sides to Medicare.

Original Medicare – Health care paid by the government

Medicare Advantage – Health care run by private insurance companies

No matter which side you decide to enroll in everyone pays a Medicare Part B premium. For most people, there is no Medicare Part A premium, it is free if you have worked 40 quarters (about 10 years).

This layout will give you an idea about your options for staying with Original Medicare or opting for Medicare Advantage.

Medicare ChoicesHave more questions, please feel free to send an email at

One thought on “New to Medicare? What Should You Do?

  1. I thought it was interesting that healthcare is personal. I can see how that could be true since everyone has different medical needs. While many medical situations can be similar, your coverage does not necessarily need to be. This is true since the other factors of lifestyle and finances have to go into account as well as your overall health. I will definitely need to be looking into this for me and my family. Thanks!

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