Medicare Help for Low Incomes

broken-heart-2This broke my heart when I heard the story.

I was speaking with a good friend in North Carolina who has a friend in West Virginia who was recently admitted to the hospital, has some type of Medicare but can’t afford the deductibles, co-payments, medications or doctor visits because her income is below the national poverty level.

My friend was explaining that women stopped purchasing her medications and stopped seeing her doctors because she couldn’t afford her own medical care. She receives $800 a month from Social Security, has a rent of $375 per month plus utilities. Of course there is food to purchase too.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are Medicare programs to help subsidize the cost of your Part B premium, co-payments, medication, deductibles, etc. and this woman certainly meets the criteria for extra help.

Here’s a link for you to get more information about some of the extra help programs

Please let those you know who have a difficult time paying for their Medicare costs, to check out the site and find out if they qualify for extra help. Thanks so much.



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